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Project-trade d.o.o. has been present in the market for more than three decades

Thanks to its innovations, dedication and business excellence, the company has contributed to the development of the professional catering equipment supply sector.

Since its foundation in 1990 in Zagreb, the company has derived huge inspiration from numerous contacts with its customers and business partners, which has been fully recognized by caterers, chefs, pastry cooks, bakers, food manufacturers and great gastronomy fans.


Thanks to the trust and confidence of our esteemed customers, a Croatian brand Niko was created at our manufacturing facility which was launched in 2003. Niko products made of stainless steel such as work benches, sinks, cooker hoods, various kitchen elements, trolleys, heated tables, bar counters, self-serving lines and the like guarantee high quality and operational safety.

All Niko products are designed in such a way as to be long-lasting, complying with the principles of sustainable development and the social and ethical responsibility policy.
Materials used in the production process are of high quality and durability while 100% of our products are recyclable.
We are committed to providing maintenance and repair of all our products throughout the product life cycle.



Careful planning, proper arrangement and appropriate selection of the equipment are absolutely essential for creation of a professional kitchen. Firstly, it is necessary to align the purpose and capacity of the facility with the spatial layouts and to incorporate the above into the legal frameworks and HACCAP norms. We draw strength from numerous completed projects and our previous experience and we regard each new project as a real challenge.

Developed logistics

The key to our continued success is our striving to be committed, reliable and responsible. Our logistics professionals act in a responsible manner and take reasonable care when coordinating orders and deliveries and they also provide after-sales support, taking care that sufficient items and spare parts are in stock so that the customers are provided with the required product or service in a fast and convenient manner.


Website and social media

Since our website was created 15 years ago, we have been dedicated to following trends and providing all of our customers with prompt and accurate information.
The whole range of our products is displayed on our website, through which you can select and order any of the 1,500 items that are always in stock and ready to be delivered.
Further, our scope of activity and our product portfolio is presented to our customers through the social media such as Facebook & Instagram.

Sustainability and development

By collaborating with our partners from Croatia and the whole Europe, we strive to support their development and sustainability goals.


Social responsibility

As a socially responsible company, we take care of our employees, their development and ethics.

Dear customers, partners, visitors of our website and the social media sites

We take pride in being your partner in creating a professional kitchen since you encourage us to research and develop various concepts and to improve and create new products and solutions.We are dedicated to maintaining a lasting trustworthy relationship with our customers so that they might fully express their creative culinary potential.

Project-trade d.o.o.